A local and dependable handyman service.

You found it! Your connection to a custom built pc. Be it gaming, office use, video rendering, design, or whatever will help you, I will design it, build it, and if necessary, overclock it. Contact me and let's get started on the new system that you always wanted!

How does it work?
Once we establish what system is right for you, we decide how it will look. Options are almost unlimited these days with tempered glass and lights and such, you can have a very attractive pc that is powerful and stays cool. After your payment, the process of ordering the motherboard, cpu, gpu, power supply, case, and everything that will bring your system together begins. After complete testing and installations, it's yours. It can either be shipped, or delivered depending on your location. The whole process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

Do you have a system that is outdated or do you want to just make it faster or gain some fps? Let's discuss your options and come up with the best upgrade for you. 

Call now and let's discuss your new system! 843-408-6505